Free transfer to Paleokastritsa from the airport or port
. Studios for 2 people fully equipped from €25 and Apts for 4 people from €46. (more...)

Located in the centre of Paleokastritsa
with fully equipped studios and apartments.
Best offer for June & September: Studio fully equipped €210 per week per two. (more...)

..:: VILLA THEKLI ::..
Traditional Cottage for families
in Paleokastritsa of 4-6 persons conveniently located in the center of Paleokatritsa. Offer for May & June only from €60 per night. (more...)

by Helen Michala ::..
Fully equipped and very well decorated studios in several spots in Paleokastritsa
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Where to stay?

It all depends on what you are looking for in a holiday. We are here with a few suggestions to help.

When is the best time to visit?

May is the earliest time that most visitors arrive. This is mostly due to the availability of flights.
To visit out of season (between November - April) a flight to Athens and then a domestic flight to Corfu is required - this can be costly.

First Two Weeks of May
The first two weeks of May offer you deserted beaches and quiet Tavernas. Flowers in abundance and a fresh looking Corfu - after a winter of recuperation. Paths may be a little overgrown - making walking the coastal paths a little difficult. Weather wise expect daytime temperatures of lower 20's.

Second Two Weeks of May
The second two weeks of May are a little more settled. Tavernas and beaches slowly filling up. Daytime temperatures of mid 20's. Evenings can occasionally be cool so bring a jumper - especially if you are planning to travel on the boat taxis at night. Weather wise allow for one rainy day per week.

First Two Weeks of June
The first two weeks of June see Corfu at its best. Beaches and Tavernas filling up but not crowded. Beautiful warm days with temperatures reaching mid 20's - not too hot. Warm evenings enabling a good night's sleep - a jumper may even be needed late at night - especially if you plan to use the evening water-taxis.
The sea is now 'warming up' making swimming not such a fresh experience as found in May! Allow though for one cloudy (or even rainy) day per week.

Second Two Weeks of June
The second two weeks of June become a little busier and hotter. The weather is now settled and day temps of low 30's with warm evenings. Beaches now quite busy - especially weekends with locals. The Tavernas are now buzzing. (You will need to book at Taverna Agni to be able to eat during the evening.)
The sea is now warm. Expect no rain (but it may be possible as averages suggest one day of rain during the last two weeks! - but this will be warm rain!) Welcome afternoon breezes created by the difference in temperatures between the land and the sea, help cool things down after a hot day. These can sometimes create a swell - stopping the evening boat-taxis. The breeze often drops by 8-9pm.

First Two Weeks of July
July is possibly the hottest and busiest month for Corfu. The first two weeks see daytime temperatures of low to mid 30's. Evenings are warm. Without air-conditioning it may be difficult to sleep. Glorious sunny days give way to busy beaches and packed Tavernas. The sea is warm and settled. During the evening the cicadas chirp.
Second Two Weeks of July

The second two weeks see daytime temperatures of mid 30's - and evening temperatures not much less! Occasionally the daytime temperature will reach the 40's - not for the faint hearted! High humidity may make it feel even hotter! To find a table at the tavernas you will need to book. The sea is like a bath!
During the end of July, you will notice that the tavernas are full with long tables. Gone are the couples who frequent the quiet Tavernas during May and Spetember. Now that the schools are closed, whole families holiday together, often dining out with friends.

First Two Weeks of August
The first two weeks of August see daytime temperatures mid 30's to 40 - with high humidity. Evenings are warm and humid. Without air-conditioning it may be difficult to sleep. Glorious sunny days give way to packed beaches and even busier Tavernas. The sea is at bath temperature.

Second Two Weeks of August
The second two weeks see daytime temperatures of mid 30's High humidity makes tropical storms likely. These flash storms usually only last for a few hours. The clouds suddenly blot out the sun and the rain hammers down. A few hours later the sun may emerge. The sea is not as settled as a result during the last few days of August and after any rain the sea temperature is a little cooler.

First Two Weeks of September
The first two weeks of September see daytime temperatures around the 30's. Evenings are still warm but occasionally a jumper will be required late at night. The days are hot. The beach still busy, but lacking the children and large parties that dominate during August. The sea is warm.

Second Two Weeks of September
The second two weeks see daytime temperatures of mid 20's. Beaches are quieter and the tavernas more sedate! Evenings become cooler and a jumper will be needed for the hardier who wish to eat outside. The early evenings are crisp and offer clear views across the sea

First Two Weeks of October
The first two weeks of October, see daytime temperatures of mid 20's. The sun is now lower in the sky making crystal clear, light blue skies with warming rays. Rain is of course a possibility this late into the season. Evenings will feel cool and require a jumper - especially if you have spent the day sunbathing on the beach. The sea is still sufficiently warm for swimming - having had all summer to warm up, it takes several months to cool down. The landscape returns to its lush green state after the punishing summer.

Second Two Weeks of October
The second two weeks of October see daytime temperatures of low 20's. Beaches are deserted, and many tavernas and bars start to close. (Taverna Agni usually stays open till the end of the month though during the daytime - but is closed for the evening). Evenings can be cold and only the hardy will eat outside after the sun has set at about 6pm.

Accommodation Choice

October does see some rain, usually only a few days worth per month though. Choose your accommodation carefully to ensure it is warm during the night and has somewhere to sit should it rain.

We recommend

October can be one of Corfu's finest months. The beaches are deserted. Tavernas quiet and clear days with stunning views. (During the peak summer months, the humidity often makes visibility poor. As an added bonus, flights and villa prices much lower. The last 5 years October lacks a lot of rain, therefore October should be a serious option for you to consider.

Winter months

Only for those who like natural beauty and enjoy a mixture of less extreme weather conditions. Of course it rains in winter as in any European country and the days are cooler and when winter really strikes it becomes cold. Corfu has even been known to see snow albeit only for a few hours and the occasional frost!! If you plan to visit during any of the winter months accommodation must be chosen carefully and heating is essential. However the days can really be enjoyed, as when the sun does shine it can be really warm and walking those hills a real pleasure. The air is clear, the views spectacular and those beaches are all yours!! Although the travel is a little more inconvenient (via Athens) it is well worth the effort and with a sensible outlook and good preparation for your visit, Corfu can be enjoyed as much as in the summertime.

Temperatures on Corfu around the Year
Month Av Sun (hours) High Temp (°C) Low Temp (°C) Sea Temp (°C) Rain (mm)
January 4 14 13 15 13
February 5 15 13 15 11
March 7 16 14 14 9
April 7 19 15 17 7
May 9 23 18 21 5
June 10 28 22 23 2
July 12 31 23 25 1
August 11 32 24 27 1
September 9 28 23 24 5
October 7 23 21 22 9
November 7 19 17 19 12
December 7 16 14 16 15
Latest Reviews

Thekli family Cottage

Traditional Villa for families of 4-6 persons conveniently located in the center of Paleokatritsa, in a quite area and in close proximity to the shops, bars, restaurants.

Spiros Taverna

We are open from 9:00 am until you decide to leave. We serve full English Breakfast plus lunch and snacks. The owner, Spiros, is the chef of our "family run" taverna that has been open since 1981.

Latest Comments
Comment Author Sylvia & Derek Boxer / Jun 22, 2013
As the reviews for some r We have visited these apartments many times over the years and would highly recommend. The owners are kind and helpful. The view from the rooms are exquisite. Nearby are tavernas, supermarket and Greek village. The owners restaurant in Paleo is superb. Poli kala Nicholas!

Comment Author Viktoria / Aug 31, 2011
Спасибо!!!Было все вкусно и уютно!!!(Петербург-Россия)август 2011.

Comment Author les and chistina / May 6, 2011
dear costa and anna,thankyou for your kind and informative hospitality.nice accomodation perfect situation ;liapades best place in corfu to my eyes and we went most places on the island be sure. cliffe veiws every bend .turquise seas with fish, walks, hooded crow,mbe hear a nightingal sing paradise
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